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An Interview With Manique Soft MD Miss Mani Chowdary

March 27, 2020, by Jagan, category Digital Marketing

Hi, This is Jagan from Hyderabad, Working as a Digital Marketing Executive and also Web Developer in Hyderabad, I would like to share my interview with Manique Soft MD Miss Mani Chowdary. Who has successfully running a startup with a freelance team.

Without Our Wasting Time Let’s Start Interview

Jagan: Hi Mam, How are you?
Mani Chowdary: I am good. How about you?

Jagan: I am fine, mam. Thanks for accepting the interview.
Mani Chowdary: You are welcome.

Jagan: Let’s start the interview. Please introduce yourself?
Mani Chowdary: Hi, I am Mani Chowdary, MD of Manique Soft. We are a professional web designing and development company based in Hyderabad. We also provide service of website design, custom software development, online database development, and e-commerce solutions.

Jagan: What’re your hobbies, Mam?
Mani Chowdary: Whenever I have time, I use to read books and love cooking. If I have more time, I used to conduct baking classes.

Jagan: Who is your inspiration, Mam?
Mani Chowdary: My dad is my inspiration, He motivates me a lot, and I learned from him how consistently work, dedicated to working, Planing to work.

Jagan: So, How many team members are working in your company?
Mani Chowdary: We have seven team members, Right now working remotely at their home.

Jagan: When coming to startup, what is the biggest challenge you faced, and how you overcame it?
Mani Chowdary: In the initial stage, We had a financial crisis. Even not able to pay salaries to my employees. Such a situation I believed myself and worked hard to get new clients after a few months we get small projects but consistently worked hard then we got big clients, then we overcame all the financial crisis.

Jagan: Its really great, mam let’s go with another question. How are company clients get satisfied?
Mani Chowdary: I believe first understand that client requirements will give 50% success and remaining how you are interacting with clients and Planning, completing the project within the time deadline.

Jagan: What are the tools used to communicate with your team members?
Mani Chowdary: We are using Trello, Easy to use, and even we can access through the mobile application.

Jagan: You know that nowadays many startups are coming up with new ideas, and some of them are getting success, and some of them are not getting success, What will be the problem?
Mani Chowdary: The idea of what they kickstart their business should benefit able to the end-users and also check if that idea has demand in the market. If there is demand, then get enough investment and consistently work hard to get ROI. It will not happen in a single day, a single month, It takes some time, so due to some time gap or not proper planning or without appropriate investor or no proper team will lead to failure in a startup.

Jagan: Thanks a lot Mam for answering all the questions and sharing your experience. Good luck for a bright and prosperous future.

Mani Chowdary: Thank You

So, what do you think ?