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  • An Interview With Manique Soft MD Miss Mani Chowdary
    Hi, This is Jagan from Hyderabad, Working as a Digital Marketing Executive and also Web Developer in Hyderabad, I would like to share my interview with Manique Soft MD Miss Mani Chowdary. Who has successfully running a startup with a freelance team. Jagan: Hi Mam, How are you? Mani Chowdary: I am good. How about […]
  • What is personal branding? And How it will boost your career
    How Personal Branding will boost your career What is Personal Brand? A personal brand is marketing yourself. similar to business marketing but personal brand helps you get identity from the crowd by showing your skills and it leads a lot of opportunities like partnerships, networking and many more. Benefits Of Personal Branding A personal brand […]